The Convenience of Life Without Christianity


Just wondering, how convenient life would be if Christianity were a lie. I mean would life be more convenient if I don’t need to espouse all the virtues that Christianity teaches?

For instance, I wouldn’t have to abstain from sex until marriage as I could always satisfy my sexual urges with anyone who happens to feel the same way towards me. And I wouldn’t feel guilty or even ashamed. That certainly sounds more convenient than burning with unexpressed passion! But then, putting myself at the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy (which are both real possibilities regardless of whether Christianity is true or not) doesn’t seem convenient at all. Okay there are ways to minimize (not eradicate) those risks but the emotional and psychological hangovers of intimacy without commitment are quite real too. Heck! Abstinence seems a better deal after all…

What about having to forgive everyone that hurts me? I don’t know about you but sometimes I don’t want to hear the word “forgive” because revenge seems more appealing and relishing, while malice makes a nice dessert after the main course. But from experience, I’ve come to realize that the overall feeling that goes with unforgiveness is quite nasty. It feels like locking up yourself in an unventilated cage. Even after getting even, you don’t get to feel any better. Besides, the sometimes irreparable damage it does to relationships is inestimable. Again, forgiving and letting go appears more convenient. What do you think?

Lastly, if Christianity were a lie, I wouldn’t have to be accountable to God or anyone for that matter. I would be the supreme master of myself, doing whatever seems right for me. That really sounds like fun. Then the world should be one huge amusement park with all fun and no pain because accountability has been shown the way out apparently. Governments are no more accountable to their people, spouses don’t want to be accountable to each other, children want to live without parental interference, and freedom without responsibility thrives. We haven’t fared so well without a sense of accountability to one another. I would be presumptuous to think I would fare any better without being accountable to God.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are moral codes besides Christianity (which itself isn’t one anyway) that encourage these virtues. So what makes Christianity better? Well, those other moral codes are rather impersonal and cold. Christianity on the other hand is relational. It is about a God that loves me too much to see me hurt myself and so puts such boundaries in place for my sake (not his). So I live within these boundaries as a way of worship and a response to his love, not in fear of his wrath.

These among many other issues, make me come to the conclusion that the Christian way is a more convenient way to live after all.


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The teachers of the Law and the Pharisees brought in a woman who had been caught committing adultery, and they made her stand before them all.

 “Teacher,” they said to Jesus, “this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery. In our Law Moses commanded that such a woman must be stoned to death. Now, what do you say?” (John 8: 3 – 5)



(To the woman)


You see what sin does to a person? See how you have brought yourself to public ridicule just because you cannot control your urges! Shame on you! To think that I have to die for people like you eventually is just downright sickening!

(To her accusers)

And to you self righteous hypocrites, I dare the person without sin to cast the first stone at this shameless adulteress. Come on, your fingers must be itching to grab a stone and hurl at her so what are you waiting for? She deserves it you know. I’m waiting. Some saint here should cast the first stone and let’s get it over with. Oh…I see…you all like her, are a bunch of sinners on the fast lane to hell, except I intervene of course.  Well since none of you seem qualified to cast a stone, I, being the sinless son of the Most High, the blessed potentate, immaculately conceived by the divine essence, the embodiment and precursor of all that is just and true, hereby cast this little pebble at the adulteress, not to harm her as you all wish, but to prove I am all I say I am and thus justified to do so.

(To the woman)

You better depart from my holy presence right this moment! If you like, run into the arms of the next man you come across the moment I turn my back. However it will be in your best interest to know I will not always be this merciful to your unrighteousness and may be inclined to personally pay your fare and put you on the next flight to hell!


Now tell me you aren’t glad I’m not Jesus! I for sure am glad you aren’t. However our goal should be to become like him, expressing love, grace and mercy even to those who apparently don’t deserve such. Come to think of it, none of us deserve God’s love yet He loves us all the same.

For the full story and Jesus’ actual response, read John 8:1 – 11


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Call me heartless

And you’ll be right

Cos I am heartless


See, I got an offer

Such I couldn’t resist

And the exchange required was my heart

Without a blink my heart I gave

Even though I knew

I would live on thereafter

Only on life support

Provided by he who my heart took

Living at the mercy of his discretion

For he could whenever he wishes

Pull me off my life support

And leave me as dead

As a heartless one should be

I knew this even before I gave my heart

Yet I agreed all the same

Not a fair exchange you think?

May be I was foolish even


You would have been right

If that person were anyone else

But you are dead wrong

Cos that person is Christ

Christ got my heart

In exchange for his love

And that is my life support

His love

I got no heartbeat

Only love-beats

Christ love beats

Where my heart once did


Call me heartless

And you’ll be right

Cos I am heartless


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You see, I committed an offence (lateness is only one of my many sins), I was tried and the verdict was passed: “Death by dying”. In case you are wondering what offence could attract a sentence that deathly, does “High treason” sound like it? So, there you have it.


It’s so hard…telling the whole truth I mean. I know you don’t hate me just yet, but I most likely am irritable to you already. Who goes late for his own funeral? What would saying things as they really happened do to me? If only to gain your sympathy, you must know it really isn’t my fault (it’s never my fault you remember?). There is a genetic and hereditary angle to my unique challenge. Recent research shows it was a direct ancestor of mine that was charged with taking the news of Romeo’s faked death to Juliet, but we all know he got to Juliet too late. The rest they say is fiction – sorry, history.

*Resigned look*

Well I made a solemn vow to tell the whole truth. Even if it kills me! Just so you know how serious I am, the solemnity of this vow is akin to the vow of everlasting celibacy I made in my youth, which held strong until I met my wife and ran away from the monastery!

So for the whole truth…before I was found guilty of high treason beyond reasonable doubt, I was charged with contempt of court. If you haven’t guessed why, it was because I showed up very late for the court hearing. So late in fact that I was tried in absentia. Again, when it came to carrying out the sentence, it had to be stalled since I was still running late. Not even the plaintiff’s impatient cry to the State for a swift enforcement of the sentence could hasten the process. Their mantra of “Justice delayed is justice denied!” was answered with a new proverb: “The wheels of Justice grind slowly (this is the part where you thank me for the little exposé on how that popular proverb originated). But even the slow wheels of justice were no match for my cunctation. Unable to wait any longer, the sentence had to be carried out, so I was executed in absentia pending when I eventually show up. Of course they knew I wasn’t running away or hiding in fear, they understood I was only running late. As usual.

Taking a cue from the Court and the State, my friends and family went on with my burial rites, complete with a fresh grave and all the many ear-splitting wails of genuine mourners (they really loved me you know). That done, everyone departed to their tents. Case closed. Until…

I showed up.

Knowing I was very, very late for my court appearance, I ran all the way to the Supreme Court of Justice, blaming my parents for my lateness, and their parents before them, and theirs before them, etcetera, etcetera.  Who else were to blame?  I was over two thousand years late for my death and funeral! No you don’t have a bad case of dyslexia. You read that right: “over two thousand years late”, all because a testosterone-ladened ancestor of mine didn’t know to introduce just the right sperm to an ovum!

Well I made it to the court where I was told I had already been crushed by the grinding, nay crushing wheels of justice. That was incredulous! More so than my record shattering two thousand year lateness! Upon further enquiries, I was told I was crucified with one Jesus Christ (Gal 2:20), and buried too with him (Rom 6:4).

“But I’m still here, alive” I queried.

“Of course you are. You resurrected with Christ as well” (Rom 6:11) my source replied. “Come see the place where the Lord lay” (Matt 28:6), he continued. And indeed, I was shown an empty tomb – a tangible evidence of my death and burial. Then it dawned on me…Jesus was actually the propitiation for my sin (1Jn 2:2), dying in my place so I can be late for my own funeral.

Boy! Was I grateful I didn’t come before Jesus did! So tell me why I should care about punctuality! *Long Hiss*

Jesus! 17 missed calls? Oh no! My wife! Was supposed to go pick her up for our special anniversary date and I’m 3 hours late! All because I had to share my story with you! It’s all your fault! Now where did I drop my car keys? *Sigh*…

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One thing I cannot be accused of is punctuality. Somehow things beyond my immediate control always seem to go out of their way to ensure I’m always late for most if not all my appointments (of course I have to blame it on anything or anyone apart from me! Ever heard the song Blame it on the rain?). Need I tell you the many costs my tardiness has caused me? You really want to know? You want to know I had a 2 year extension in my university days because I came 2 hours late for the same course on each occasion?(of course I was aware of the timetable for the exams.) Or that I missed out on my dream job (actually it was the company that missed out on their dream employee) just because I was only 7 hours late for the interview? (If only they knew who I was and the value I carry). Maybe you want to know how I spent the first 7 months of my marriage seeking absolution from my wife, all because I kept her and the officiating priest waiting for just under 4 hours on our wedding day (someone obviously needs to learn the virtue of forgiving and forgetting right?). In fact no need boring you with details. However just as I was beginning to outdo myself in my conscientious effort to turn a new leaf, I made an important discovery that got me thinking maybe lateness is not really a bad thing after all…

I was late for what was to be the most significant event of my life (or afterlife) and for the first time, I wasn’t sorry. In fact I was and still am very happy about it because I would have been very dead had I been early for the event. Notice I said very dead because I was really quite dead at the time. And the event was my funeral. (Why that confused look on your face? What part of the last 2 statements do you not understand, dead or funeral?) And guess how many hours late I was for the funeral…you may want to think in terms of days instead, or maybe weeks, months…or even years! Yes I was that late for my own funeral. I showed up long after the mourners forgot I ever died. Okay I see you’re having a hard time comprehending my story, being dead and all that. So let me tell you about the circumstances surrounding my death and how I managed to come late for my own funeral.



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Let there be light! And there was power

Hey! Don’t conclude so fast…I’m not trying to misquote scriptures. For indeed, real power is a function of light and illumination. When the light of knowledge and understanding is incident on a ready heart, its reflections bounce off as power.

Sad it is, that we are more accustomed to a travesty of power, a misrepresentation of it, and false habiliments of its essence. Maniacs appareled as men, like the god Zeus unschooled in the usage of his trident, by it wreck destruction and death in flashes of blind rage and compulsive greed. For whenever power is directed towards the subjugation and repression of other men, it becomes power without its soul, like the sun without its shine.

Withal the nobles of the earth? Who understand the responsibility that comes with power? Withal the ones who wield power knowing that its appropriation is meant for the good first of others, then of the wielder? Withal the greats whose countenance shine with the light that shows the path real power follows?

Little wonder light was the precursor of all that was created, when the creator made his first declaration: “Let there be light!” For in this declaration we find the template for all of life’s pursuit including the pursuit of power…first enlightenment, then power. Power without light is breath without life and a heart devoid of its beat.

You who seek power, seek first to find the light that comes from knowledge and understanding, so by it you may be guided when you are empowered.


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